Validated SDKs and Tools

SDKs are the key to building applications native to clouds. Using OpenLab tools and SDKs validated against features and implementations of multiple clouds.

Test Your Apps and Tools

Integration and testing continues to be a challenge for Open Source ecosystems. Collaborate across communities by bringing your applications and tools.

Contribute to OpenLab

Our motto is, "a place where anyone can play". We work closely with testers and users and could always use some extra hands and hearts. Join in today.

What is OpenLab?

OpenLab’s mission is to enable the testing, reporting, and development of tools and applications for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. OpenLab fulfills its mission by providing a ready to use and easy to replicate platform that tests the usability, reliability, and resiliency of hybrid and multi-cloud tooling. Clouds live in a rich software stack, with key elements “below” and “above”. When you consider Open Source points of integration the options are staggering. Open Infrastructure is about helping to reduce the complexity.

By building on highly successful, mature, and rapidly emerging tools and applications that originate with cloud platform providers (OSVs), independent software vendors (ISVs), cloud service providers (CSPs), enterprise end-user IT, OpenLab is uniquely positioned as a key component to Open Infrastructure.

Download the complete overview deck here.

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