Validated SDKs and Tools

SDKs are the key to building applications native to clouds. Using OpenLab tools and SDKs validated against features and implementations of multiple clouds.

Test Your Apps and Tools

Integration and testing continues to be a challenge for Open Source ecosystems. Collaborate across communities by bringing your applications and tools.

Contribute to OpenLab

Our motto is, "a place where anyone can play". We work closely with testers and users and could always use some extra hands and hearts. Join in today.

Request Pipeline

Inquiries that have not been assigned to anyone and/or have not received an allocation to begin. We have at least 7 status’ a request can be in; received, reviewed, awaiting allocation, awaiting ci integration, awaiting job configuration, cleared, complete. When a request has been sent to OpenLab team, it will stay in received until a team member has communicated with requester. Once reviewed, if no CI integration is needed, status will move to incubation, if CI integration is needed, CI and job status’ listed will be used until cleared. Requests will stay listed here until at least 14 days after they have been cleared. Cleared means that the agreed upon output has been or is being provided to the OpenLab team and readily available public consumption.

Requested by Project Focus Area Status
Mohammed Naser openstack-cloud-plugin Application Ecosystem Awaiting job configuration
Gilles Dubreil misty OpenStack SDKs Awaiting job configuration
Lingxian Kong kubernetes cloud-provider-openstack Integration Awaiting resource allocation
Pablo Iranzo Gómez citellus Operational Tooling Awaiting resource allocation
Marco Voelz bosh-openstack-cpi PaaS Awaiting CI integration
Gilles Dubreil fog-openstack OpenStack SDKs Awaiting CI integration
Monty Taylor shade OpenStack SDKs Awaiting CI integration
Dmitry Tantsur rust-openstack OpenStack SDKs Awaiting CI integration

Infrastructure Utilization

Availability and utilization information about the underlying infrastructure; we are currently reporting monthly aggregating on a weekly basis while working on tools to automate reporting.

Note: 1 VM is equal to 8 vCPUs, 8G RAM, and 80G Disk. Dedicated and Baremetal Servers vary in number of CPUs, RAM, and Disk but meet and exceed the minimum 8 vCPU, 8G RAM, and 80G Disk unless specifically noted otherwise.

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