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Here you will find how many resources are available for resource requests. We currently provide a monthly snapshot of availability. If you are ready to get started click here and we will get in touch. We also provide below tooling configurations that we are currently running within the OpenLab CI system and their current state. We wrap up this page with a list of resource requests and their state as well so you have an idea of where you can find likeminded participants and where you can join in.

CI Infrastructure Resources

We utilize Zuul for our CI system. Currently we only support automating jobs that utilize virtual machines. If you would like to add your cloud below click here.

wdt_ID Provider Resource Type Capacity Usage
1 OTC VM 100 20%
2 VEXXHOST VM 100 30%
5 SWITCH VM 8 100%
6 LINARO VM 5 100%
Free Standing Infrastructure Resources

Not ever request requires CI or virtual machines. Thanks to our partners we also can offer the following dedicated resources. Click here to get started.

wdt_ID Provider Resource Type Capacity Usage
1 CLOUDLAB Dedicated Server 1.800 10
2 CHAMELEONCLOUD Dedicated Server 525 3
4 GENI Dedicated Server 500 0
5 EMULAB Dedicated Server 496 0
6 FIT IOT-LAB IoT Devices 2.071 0
7 ONELAB WSN Devices 119 0





CI Integration Results

We provide a snapshot of the results of our CI testing for quick review. You can find more detailed results by visiting our CI build status page located here. If you would like to suggest or work to implement additional tools and/or applications be sure to get started here.

gophercloud 6f0ea75 PASS
terraform-provider-openstack v1.10.0 PASS
cloud-provider-openstack release-1.12 PASS
fog-openstack b0c729e N/A
rust-openstack 17275ff PASS
bosh-openstack-cpi d877312 PASS
misty 15fb97c PASS
packer v1.2.5 PASS
docker-machine v0.15.0 PASS
ansible v2.6 PASS
open-service-broker v2.14 IN-PROGRESS
manageiq gaprindashvili-4 IN-PROGRESS
openshift v3.10.0 IN-PROGRESS
spinnaker 0.83.0 IN-PROGRESS
pkgcloud 1.4.0 REVIEWING
openstack4j 3.1.0 REVIEWING
Request Pipeline

Inquiries that have not been assigned to anyone and/or have not received an allocation to begin. We have at least 7 status’ a request can be in; received, reviewed, awaiting allocation, awaiting ci integration, awaiting job configuration, cleared, complete. When a request has been sent to OpenLab team, it will stay in received until a team member has communicated with requester. Once reviewed, if no CI integration is needed, status will move to incubation, if CI integration is needed, CI and job status’ listed will be used until cleared. Requests will stay listed here until at least 14 days after they have been cleared. Cleared means that the agreed upon output has been or is being provided to the OpenLab team and readily available public consumption.

Monty Taylor RedHat openstacksdk OpenStack SDKs Awaiting CI integration
Lizhonghua Huawei open service broker Service Export Awaiting CI integration
Lizhonghua Huawei manageiq Cloud Management Awaiting CI integration
Lizhonghua Huawei openshift PaaS Awaiting CI integration
Lizhonghua Huawei spinnaker CI/CD Awaiting CI integration
Fatih OPNFV openlab Lab Partnership Reviewed
Jon Proulx MIT CSAIL openstack Operational Tooling Reviewed
Johan Christenson Nordix Foundation openlab Industry Insight Reviewed
Gilles Dubreil RedHat misty OpenStack SDKs Completed
Lingxian Kong CatalystIT cloud-provider-openstack Integration Completed
Pablo Iranzo Gomez Independent citellus Operational Tooling Completed
Marco Voelz SAP bosh-openstack-cpi PaaS Completed
Gilles Dubreil RedHat fog-openstack OpenStack SDKs Completed
Dmitry Tantsur RedHat rust-openstack OpenStack SDKs Completed
Liang Wei Huawei cluster-api Integration Completed
Alvaro Aleman Loodse GmBH machine-controller Integration Completed
Mohammed Naser VEXXHOST openlab Infrastructure Support Completed
Massimo ARM openlab Infrastructure Support Completed
Saverio Proto SWITCH openlab Infrastructure Support Completed
Johan Christenson CityNetwork openlab Infrastructure Support Completed
Ed Vielmetti Packet openlab Infrastructure Support Completed
Robert Ricci CloudLab openlab Infrastructure Support Completed
Melvin Hillsman FIT IoT-LAB openlab Infrastructure Support Completed
Kate Keahey ChameleonCloud openlab Infrastructure Support Completed
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OpenLab is managed by open source community members with support and equipment from ecosystem partners and academia.

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Support OpenLab

Working on the problems that are common and span across different communities in an isolated manner is not beneficial for the ecosystem since what is done by each of these communities individually can potentially be shared by others who are working on solving similar problems. This includes but is not limited to improved way of working, alignment on best practices, and tooling re-use.

Here are some ways to support OpenLab:

  • Additional infrastructure (commodity hardware, cloud resources, etc)
  • Engineering support (developers, project management, software support)
  • QA, QE, and test (unit, integration, e2e, scenario) builders.
  • Software/application and tooling integrations
  • Operations support
Support is not limited to only the items listed above. Fill out the form to get in touch with a governance team member.

Supporting Organizations

How OpenLab Works

As developer John Doe of Widgets, Inc. you want to test …; what can you expect?:

  1. Fill out the “Let’s Get Started” form.
  2. You will receive a confirmation and someone will contact you within 24 hours.
  3. OpenLab team will work out the specifics of what you need and what is expected to complete your testing if anything is not clear on the form.
  4. Once the details of testing have been completed your request will go into the backlog which can be seen here.
  5. When your testing configuration is available you will receive relevant login credentials.
  6. Once testing is completed you will receive an email for feedback on the process and request for timeline for result reporting if not already done.